Here’s How to Have the Best Bachelorette Party in Calgary

If you find yourself in a wedding party this year, chances are you’ve been racking your brain on how to throw the bride a fabulous party that she’ll remember.

While these parties can be a blast, there is often a great deal of work involved. As a planner, you are tasked with creating a fun evening or weekend with a theme, location and budget that all attending can agree upon.

The good news is that stagettes have come a long way in the last few years. The cliché days of penis water bottles and pink feather boas are being replaced with fresh new ideas that don’t need to involve pizza delivery boys turning into the night’s entertainment in your foyer.

We have three notable ideas for a memorable local stagette:

The Wine Tour:
A wine tour is a wonderful option for foodie brides. Sadly, Alberta isn’t exactly known for its wine regions. Heading to the Okanagan can be a great adventure but requires a few extra days off and can get expensive in a hurry.

If you’re on a budget or are finding it hard to coordinate time off for everyone attending, then make your own local food and wine tour. Calgary has no shortage of boutique wine shops that all carry their own unique portfolio of wines to sample. For Canadian wines, try J Webb; if the bride is a lover of the Old World wines, then Metrovino is a great place to stop; and if you are looking to try wines from producers off the beaten path, then consider Vine Arts. You don’t have a lake close by? Consider booking out the Hotel Arts pool for a few hours before or after you finish your local wine tour.

Food: Hotel Arts’ Raw Bar or 17th Avenue’s Model Milk are great places for this sort of party. If you’re looking for an afternoon snack, you could always arrange a stop in a Janice Beaton’s cheese shop on 17th.

Outfit: Since this is a classy day out on the town, consider going with the black and white theme. The bachelorette party wears all black and the bride is the centre of attention in all white. It’s simple – it’s classy! 

Gimmick: Paint your own wineglasses ahead of time and take them on your tour.

Head to the Mountains:
If time off isn’t an issue, rally the troops for a good old-fashioned road trip. Within a few hours you can be in Canmore or Banff. If the girls are feeling like a fancy weekend, book a night at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. You can spend a relaxing day at the spa, or consider white water rafting if your group is feeling adventurous. 

Alternatively, consider camping or renting a cabin as an option if the group is outdoorsy. Spend the day hiking or rent bikes at the Canmore Nordic Centre. There are trails for all levels of mountain bikers.

Food: If you’re in Banff, head to Saltlik or the Banff Sushi House.  If you’re staying in Canmore, try the Trough Dining Co.

While this option isn’t for every girl, camping cuisine shouldn’t be overlooked. Roasting hot dogs, indulging in s’mores and enjoying conversation around the campfire can be a great way to spend an evening. You’ll feel like you have the whole restaurant to yourself.

Outfit: Lumberjack is the obvious choice for this kind of party, so dig out your flannel and fur caps. You’ll be sure to turn some heads on Banff Avenue or in the Drake Hotel.

Gimmick: Make a scavenger hunt for the bride. Pinterest has many helpful ideas for items to add to the hunt.

Viva Las Vegas:
People who are about to get married love to go to Vegas to blow off steam and have one last hurrah. This theme isn’t anything new, but if you’re thinking about hosting the bachelorette party closer to home, then plan your own Vegas party with a twist.

On the evening of the bachelorette party, have all the girls meet at a friend’s house or hotel room to pop some champagne and get ready together. If you and your friends are the crafty types, decorate the house or hotel like a casino and set up a table to do some gambling. Consider having a few male friends come by who can dress the part of black jack dealers. Make sure you hire a limo and request VIP at any of the bars you plan to hit.

Food: The city of lights is all about the buffet. Sunterra has some great options for take away food that you could serve before going out. 

Outfit: Why not try and dress the part of retro Vegas? Head to your nearest thrift store to find all the supplies you need to hit the town looking fabulous. Think Sharon Stone in Casino. 

Gimmick: If you’re really looking to shake things up, look into hiring an Elvis impersonator. This will be much more memorable than a stripper.