Here’s How Much YouTube Celebrities Make…Don’t Worry, We Cried Too

As of December 2014, the average annual income for a fully employed Canadian was just over $49,000. The average retail employee pulled in around $28K, the average dentist about $175K, and our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, a cool $327K (plus expenses of course).

But what about the two Australian girls, ages eight and five, who show you how to make Smurf cupcakes and spill M&Ms on YouTube?

Ya, they make about $1.5 million.
Or the goofy Swedish guy who does humorous video-game commentary in broken English?

He makes somewhere between $1-8 million.

And these figures are after YouTube takes their cut.

New income estimates for some of the world’s most popular YouTube channels were recently crunched and published and the numbers are staggering to say the least.

While video game-focused content seems to generate the most overall views as a genre, and thus is likely to generate the most premium ad revenue, the latest data on the food and fashion segments indicate nothing short of ballin’ on bandwidth.

Take for example, Yuya – real name, Mariand Castrejon. She’s a 22-year-old beauty “vlogger” from Mexico. Her YouTube Channel has almost ten million subscribers and her videos, of which she seems to post a few a week, usually get around two million views, with some of her more popular ones getting more than five, ten, and even twenty million hits. From what we can tell, she’s talking about ideas for fashion, skin care, gifts, and snacks.
And she makes an estimated $41,000 per month doing so.

Or what about the YouTube channel, Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio – named in apparent order of consideration – in which Jenn Johns provides “step by step baking videos (cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and sweet treats),” hosts a “Backpack Baking series”, and goes to “explore the outdoors around my area.”

She makes an estimated $79,000 per month.

Feeling silly about those student loans yet?

According to calculations from Outrigger Media and SocialBlade, two analytics firms specializing in social and video content, below are the world’s top YouTube earners by segment and their estimated monthly incomes.

But hey, you know that they say: it’s never too late to drop everything and entirely change your career…

Oh, who are we kidding, nobody says that. Just try to keep the tears away from the keyboard.


Charli’s Crafty Kitchen: $128,000/month

Mosogourmet: $100,000/month

Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio: $79,000/month

How To Cook That: $78,000/month

My Cupcake Addiction: $64,000/month


Yuya: $41,000/month

Grav3YardGirl: $32,000/month

Zoella: $27,000/month

Cute Girls Hair Styles: $21,000/month

RCL Beauty 101: $21,000/month


PewDiePie: +$69,000/month

Blu Toys: +$55,000/month

Fun Toy Collector: +$42,000/month

Smosh: +$37,000/month

Sky Does Minecraft: +$24,000/month


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