Here Are 12 Examples of What 1 Million Buys in Montreal

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It’s always fun to fantasize about the places we could buy with a million dollars. 

But the truth is, in 2015, a cool mil doesn’t go as far as we’d like to think.

However, since Montreal is an under-evaluated market compared to the rest of Canada, some exceptionally cool pads are still affordable within this price range. 

So if you’ve got six spare zeros kicking around anytime soon, this is what a million dollars will land you in Montreal:

This Sun-Drenched Loft with Private Terrace on Plateau Mont-Royal
The light is amazing and the central spiral staircase gets you on the private rooftop terrace to entertain friends. This kind of setup is rare in this area. 
More pictures here.

This Corner Unit with a Direct View on the Bridge
You can monitor the traffic on the bridge or just relax with the St. Lawrence River streaming right in front of you. 
More pictures here.

This Eccentric Condo Built in a Converted Church
This is a truly unique space with its tall ceilings and immense church windows. The mezzanine is also great to toast your guests…or yourself. We’re not judging. 
More pictures here.

This Slick Loft by Architects Saucier + Perrotte
Located between the Mile End and the Mile Ex, this sophisticated and slick loft could be perfect for the creative types. 
More pictures and details here.
Griffintown Loft with a View of the Five Roses Building
This rising neighbourhood has a lot of cookie-cutter condos under construction but this unit listed at $789 500 is well worth your attention. 
More pictures here.

Huge Loft Right Next to The Main
This is really a central location. The cycle path is right at your doorstep and Blvd. Saint-Laurent can quickly take you down to Le Quartier des Spectacles or up into the Mile-End.
More pictures here.

This Small Castle Just 10 Minutes from Downtown
Why live like a serf when you can be a royal and own your land. 
More pictures here.

This Sweet Little House with a Detached Garage
Ok this is a bit of a stretch at $1.1 million but hey, if you’ve already got a million to spare, we’re pretty sure another 100K won’t break you. 
More pictures here.

This Impressive All-Marble Apartment Downtown
The amount of work and detail put into the floors and ornaments is incredible. We also love the arch windows in the living room. 
More pictures here.

This Iconic and Unique Habitat 67 Unit
This will not stay on the market for long since there’s usually a waiting list to make an offer on these historic and very rare units. The floor plans, the windows, the light. Need we say more? 
More pictures here.

This Pretty Garden House in Westmount
Just shy of a million, this peaceful backyard could be yours to host garden parties in Montreal’s most prestigious neighbourhood.
More pictures here.

This Street-Level 2-Steps Loft
This could be useful for an artist willing to host small art shows or open his or her studio to the public during work hours. Or just as an awesome place for anyone really…
More pictures here.


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