‘Help Kenya, Not Kanye’: Rapper’s Financial Outburst Benefits Edmonton Charity

If you’re sick of hearing about Kanye West’s recent financial meltdown, don’t worry – we are too. But for once his money is benefiting someone other than himself.

After watching West ask for financial help over Twitter, even going as far as reaching out to Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion, Gabriel Ferrer was seriously fed up.

The Florida man and former Kanye fan launched a website out of disgust for the rapper’s insensitive behaviour and started the online campaign “Help Kenya, Not Kanye.”

Ferrer’s site encourages fans to reconsider buying West’s expensive sneakers or paying for music downloads and proposes that they donate their money to more worthy causes, linking to a selection of charities.

For example, the site suggests fans should choose ‘famine over fashion’, stating the $700 one might spend on one of West’s sweaters from his Yeezy collection could instead feed an entire school of 200 malnourished orphans and their 10 teachers for a month.

One of the linked charities was One Child’s Village, a small Edmonton charity that supports children in Nairobi that have been affected by HIV and AIDS.

Todd Lorentz, the director of the organization, was extremely surprised that his charity, which he runs out of his Edmonton home, was included on Ferrer’s website.

“We would love our name to be out more so people see us, but we also don’t have money allocated for marketing,” he explains.

And while this campaign may be short lived, Lorentz is grateful to be apart of it as he has already noticed an increase in donations.

“We’re just hoping that we can get as much voice as we can in the short time that it might be up there, and hopefully we can launch a lot of new projects and help tens of thousands more kids in the coming weeks and months,” he says