You Can Help Bring Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirrors’ to Toronto Forever

Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirrors’ exhibition, the best thing in Toronto ever, drew 165,000 people to the AGO this spring.

It was truly the hottest ticket in town. So hot, in fact, that the closest most people got to Kusama’s mesmerizing work was Instagram. Alas, the exhibition ended on May 27th.

Now, the AGO is making an effort to bring an Infinity Mirror Room to Toronto forever, including works that had never been displayed in Canada before. The cost? $2.3 million. The good news? $1 million has already been secured through the AGO Foundation. And it’s up to you – yes, you – to fund the rest.

Yesterday, the AGO launched a crowdfunding campaign calling on the public to help raise the remaining $1.3 million. The funding period is open until the end of November, with $70,000 having already been contributed as of writing.

“We know you want more Kusama, one of the world’s most important and relevant artists of our time,” reads a statement on the crowdfunding page. “Your donation will help bring an Infinity Mirror Room to the AGO…forever. When we work together, infinity is achievable.”

Each donation of $25 or more comes with special perks ranging from first access tickets to dinner with the AGO’s Director & CEO ($10,000+).