Health Canada Has Released a Preview of the Packaging for Legal Weed

If you thought legal weed was going to come in a cool and creative package, you’re wrong.

Health Canada has released a preview of what the packaging for state-sanctioned cannabis will look like:

Understandably, it looks more like a product from a pharmacy than a candy shop. And it’s about a million times better than the logo of the LCBO’s marijuana division:

Health Canada’s designs were released in a report titled ‘Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis’. Based on a consultation period that surveyed more than 3,200 Canadians and 450 stakeholders, the 40-page report includes dozens of stipulations for weed packaging.

These include limitations on the degree of branding, specific font guidelines, bilingual warning messages, proposed warning copy – “1 in 11 people who use cannabis will become addicted” – a standardized cannabis symbol, THC content, and particular information about the strain of the product. Kind of like the “nutritional information” label you see on your favourite brand on quinoa.

“The consultation paper proposed that the regulations would set requirements for the packaging and labelling of cannabis products that would achieve the government’s public health and safety objectives,” reads the report. “All cannabis products would need to be packaged in a manner that is tamper-evident and child-resistant.”

As a friendly reminder, cannabis is expected to be legalized nationwide this summer, with a soft date of July 1st. The federal government has said it will charge $10 per gram – more than the average paid by Canadians in every province currently.