Having a Hard Time Paying Attention? That’s Okay, it Might be Because You’re a Creative Genius

What was that noise? Oh, that car was really blue! This guy really looks like a young Tim Allen.

Sound familiar? 

Some of us have trouble paying attention sometimes, but don’t worry it might just be because you’re a creative genius.

New research in psychology from Northwestern University has found that those with “leaky” sensory gating are more likely to have highly creative ideas and achievements.

The scientists set up a test where the subject was hooked up to an EEG and presented the sound of multiple clicks in succession. The subjects whose response to the second click was equal to the first, were defined to have “leaky” attention.

Turns out, the more creative life achievements people reported, the higher likelihood they would respond to the second click. 

So the next time you’re in that meeting and someone gets on you for not paying attention, tell them to back off, you’re busy being a CREATIVE GENIUS. 

We like to call it the “Kanye” approach to life. 


Cover Image from: www.medscape.com

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