Have You Heard of Rdio Yet?

Rdio, a groundbreaking digital music service, reinvented the way people discover, play, and share music last August. Most recently, the company announced its highly personalized streaming radio stations are now free on mobile to all iOS and Android users. Any user can now listen to all of Rdio’s stations — drawing from over 20 million songs — at no cost through the Rdio mobile app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. This applies even to those whose subscriptions or trials have ended. Rdio is available as a website and also has clients for the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone mobile devices, which can play streaming music or cache songs for offline playback.

Rdio’s stations are smarter and custom-tailored to users, creating an effortless listening experience that highlights the best of Rdio. Favourites include You FM, a station composed of artists and songs inspired by your taste in music, and Friend FM, a station based on what any one of your friends is listening to, plus artist and song stations and over 400 genre stations. Since its launch, nearly 700,000 stations have been created.

Rdio also recently announced two new features for mobile users: station sharing and playlist and album stations. If You FM is proof of your superior music taste and you can now share it — and any song, artist, genre, or other type of station — on Facebook, Twitter, or with any friend on Rdio. Creating an endless stream of your favourite (or soon to be favourite) songs with the introduction of playlist stations and album stations, Rdio has more station types than any other music service in the market.

“Station plays are up 50%, making it one of our most popular features ever,” said Drew Larner, Rdio’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our stations have been described as beautiful, uncomplicated and almost clairvoyant. We listen closely to users who tell us we beat the competition hands down.”

On April 2 of this year, Rdio also launched Vdio, a movie and television show streaming service. Vdio is set up similarly to Rdio, except it follows a pay-per-view style. The service focuses on newly released titles from major Hollywood studios like Disney, Fox, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios.

Non-stop listening for free on Rdio’s stations are available on Rdio for iOS and Android in the United States, Canada and Australia. Visit the Apple App Store and Google Play to download the Rdio app today.