Have You Heard of institute B?

Canada has quickly become one of the world’s most entrepreneurial countries. We’re a hotbed for innovation, and though Toronto gets a lot of the glory, here in Vancouver we’re set up with a veritable overflow of entrepreneurial spirit. And for those of you looking to make the jump from corporate life to self-employed glory, there are a number of business incubators and programs dedicated to helping you achieve that next step towards freedom…or, at least, freedom from answering to the head honcho upstairs.

Take for instance institute B, “purveyors of unreasonable business. New skool business.” This relatively new consortium of entrepreneurs who focus via their incubation program on developing other entrepreneurs is a notable resource that you need to consider if you’re going the way of risky business, that is to say, entrepreneurial uncertainty.

institute B’s incubation relationship is a partnership, wherein institute B supports a fledgling business’ management team and can assist in creating strategic and tactical operating plans to work towards a solid execution of endeavours. Coaching and introduction to the idea of new skool business – companies that look towards societal value, carbon credits, profit sharing, open book accounting, essentially conscious business – are part and parcel of institute B’s incubation program, which includes mentoring in “schmarketing,” business modeling, and corporate dogma.

While their incubator is currently at capacity, setting up a meet-and-greet will go a long way in helping you early on, and in time more spots are bound to open up. Just check out their site; it’s clear institute B’s approach to entrepreneurialism is a step outside the mainstream, but this is a good thing. This means that no matter how radical your idea or business may be, you won’t fall on deaf ears.