Have You Entered Stoli Kuration?

Young professionals thrive on being unique, which is exactly what we want you to show the world through Stoli Kuration. Stoli Kuration is all about showcasing your originality when it comes to your taste in music, fashion, and art. Show us what truly inspires and defines who they are in the three verticals above – do you have what it takes to be the most Original Kurator?

It’s easy: The Kuration with the most ‘likes’ wins. Your originality deserves the most original vodka, so you’ll walk away at the end of it all with a notable Stoli prize and title of the most Original Stoli Kurator. The Stoli prize pack consists of airfare/accommodations/dinner/limo and access to Stoli’s upcoming exclusive VIP event. Want even more incentive? The winner will also receive a pair of tickets to see Madonna in Toronto on September 13. 

Entering is simple, and most of all fun. Who doesn’t like showing off their creativity through photos? So, what are you waiting for? Start Kurating!