Your celebrity encounter stories may finally have an audience that cares

We’ve all been there: picking a wedgie in an elevator when all of a sudden Ryan Gosling—no? Just me? Ok then.

But surely you have your own funny celebrity story. And while your friends may be tired of hearing about it, why not share it with the Internet at large?

@overheardcelebs is a new Instagram account by the Overheard empire that bills itself as “An Anti-Gossip Journal.” It publishes candid anecdotes of when a Regular Person stumbled upon a celeb.

So far, the account features stories involving everyone from Ludacris to Bill Murray.

Are the stories true? Who knows, but they are entertaining. And in these troubled times, isn’t that all that counts? Here’s a run-in someone had with Snoop Dogg:

Submissions are open to anyone with an interesting encounter to share – just send a DM.