Harry’s Underground Lounge Highlights Men’s Winter Fashion

Since its founding in Toronto in 1954, Harry Rosen has been Canada’s finest men’s fashion retailer.

You may remember seeing his stylishly-minimalistic boxes opened by your dad on Christmas morning when you were young, thus creating the impression that the store is for special occasions only. Or worse: out of your league.

Well, Harry’s Underground Lounge is setting out to change that. 

Just last week, the TD Square location in Calgary welcomed an elite group of customers and their friends to enjoy fantastic canapés and beverages from Brasserie, as well as some feel-good local talent in the form of indie-folk band SAVK. 

The goal: to create a cool yet comfortable environment to build relationships with clients, old and young.

While trendy and sophisticated guests sipped on Peroni, Barahondra and Spinning Top and politely devoured the steelhead gravlax and east coast oysters, we went upstairs to get the goods on men’s fashion for winter. And thanks to a fabulously informative chat with Mike Peters, Harry Rosen’s Managing Director for Western Canada, we’re ready to share them with you. 

1. Heritage fabrics are hot, but you don’t have to be…
Mike is adamant that the key update to your wardrobe for winter is a major piece, whether it’s a suit or a sports jacket, in a heritage fabric like herringbone or houndstooth. Improvements in weaving technology have turned these beefy textiles into lightweight and easy to wear options, so you can still look ready for the hunt without overheating at the office or the bar.

2. Not your school-days suede…
Bust out the protectant spray, because suede is another must this season. Unlike the delicate desert boots of yore, this year, it’s all about the hearty, the rugged, and even what Mike describes as the “rock n’ roll.” He suggests the classic, worn-looking TODS or the vintage-inspired To Boot New York, both of which will compliment your new heritage pieces. 

3. You’re ready for luxury…
If you think you’re playing it safe with the same old linens and cottons you bought for graduation, it’s time for a wake-up call. This year, and probably every year going forward, you’re going to want to own a few key items that scream luxury. The Brunello Cucinelli collection at Harry Rosen is the perfect answer, with overcoats and sweaters that will stand the test of time and really make you feel like you’re wrapped in the fruits of your labour. 

4. A signature scent seals the deal…
Having a signature scent is essential for every YP man. “When I sit down on a plane beside a woman, they almost always ask me what scent I’m wearing,” Mike tells us. Keeping it subtle yet distinct is the key here, and Mike showed us some delicious Tom Ford colognes that fit that bill and are definitely worth the investment. Just remember, a little goes a long way to making you the most memorable man in the room.


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