Guys, You Should Drink Beer if You Want to Be Better in Bed

Beer can make you a more impressive performer of sex.

And it’s not just because you’re more willing to try a bunch of crazy sh*t and finally have a better answer than ‘like what?’ when she asks you to talk dirty.

According to Dr. Kat Van Kirk, a clinical sexologist (and sex toy collector), there are plenty of reasons beer makes you better in bed beyond inebriated confidence.

For one, it can delay premature ejaculation, which is worth trying anything to remedy.

Now, if you’re going to indulge in a few brews before the deed, opt for something on the dark side. Not only is dark ale an aphrodisiac (more iron = easy and frequent erections), but Guinness is apparently good for your stomach. Only Pepto Bismol good, but still.

“It can help fortify your overall health and be better on your stomach so you won’t feel sluggish during sex,” says Dr. Van Kirk, who’s evidently been victim to many partners with sudden stomach issues in bed.

Finally, as any high school senior will boast, beer improves endurance, which is exceptionally good news given the offset arrival time between males and females. Careful, though: there’s a fine line between longer endurance and whisky dick.

Moderation, ya know?