Guy Live-Tweets a Woman’s Full In-Flight, In-Seat Yoga Practice

Most of us have seen a lot of weird shit on flights.

From messy eaters and shoulder droolers to the unruly, airplanes seem to bring all the good, bad, and ugly of humanity out of the woodwork.

One passenger on a recent flight from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas took the whole “stretch your legs on a flight” advice a tad too far when she decided to embark on a yoga practice in her seat. The thing is, she wasn’t just doing some discreet stretching.

At one point, she even did a headstand in her seat.

If you’re going to do something so outrageous, odds are it’s going to end up on social media.

It just so happened that co-founder Raad Mobrem and his friend Joe Guzel were on board the flight and thought the whole thing was rather hilarious.

So they decided to live-Tweet the 20-minute sky-highroutine (which could have gone on for longer, had the flight attendants not kindly asked her to stop).

The pair accompanied their Tweets with photos and videos of the yoga-loving woman.

Perhaps the funniest part is that the guy next to her was either asleep or totally unfazed by her behaviour.

One thing’s for sure: the woman is definitely dedicated. The flight was less than three hours long.

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