Grumman78: Catering Tacos Fancifully

The new wave of excitement in the food world in Montreal surrounds a jolly green taco truck that finds its way on the grounds of most festivals around the city. From the Montreal Comedy Festival to the Jazz Fest, it was not out of the usual to see a large mob forming around Marc-Andre Lelerc and his big green baby, serving up tacos like almost none other in the country. In addition to the truck, Grumman78 rents out the kitchen of Nouveau Palais on Bernard St. on Wednesday through Saturday nights between midnight and 3am.

But probably what we at Notable are most excited to point out about this new taco hot spot on wheels is where they have taken the Montreal catering world. And with that, we highly suggest that the next party you throw be hosted by Grumman78 at their newly opened production kitchen (which can hold groups up to 150 people). Alternatively, you can invite Grumman78 to your own space: all you need is a power outlet and the truck’s kitchen will be live and ready to produce you and your guests the best tacos you’ve ever had.

On a trip to Mexico in 2010, veteran cooks Marc-Andre Lelerc and Hilary McGown realized something life changing: the Mexican food was unlike anything they had ever tasted in Montreal (fresh, light and delicious). From this realization, Grumman78 was born, and now they offer a party-throwing opportunity like nobody in the business.

Nestled into the streets of St. Henri, this cozy yet quite large space can be set up for either a small intimate group, or a very large one. This cozy spot has a way of making the barn look feel fancy and upscale. Whether it be a casual event, or something a little more black tie, the room can be manipulated to achieve a wow factor. Let Grumman78 host your party, feed your guests, and serve their famous cocktails that will no doubt leave everyone wanting more of everything, but talking about the event for days to come. Grumman78’s production kitchen is at 630 Courcelle, 514-290-5125.