Griffintown’s Voskins Brings Innovation and Style to Eyewear

Eyewear connoisseurs, here’s something to sunny up your Friday. Newly established in the historic and bustling neighbourhood of Griffintown, a stone’s throw away from downtown Montreal, Voskins eyewear offers you a trip back in time, when knowledgeable service and craftsmanship were expected and delivered.

Designed by Guillaume Ménard, also known for Montreal hot spots Le Boucan, Joverse and Mme Lee, the boutique is reminiscent of a 1920s shop with its vintage furniture and accessories enhanced with custom-made industrial displays. Inspired by New York design and architecture, Voskins’ space is rich in texture and character. This makes for a very authentic ambiance where customers feel comfortable taking their time exploring in order to find the perfect frames that fit their personality and sense of style. And if help is needed, experienced stylists are on hand to advise and help you out, perfect for that eyewear newbie.

Working on this project for the most part of 2013, Dr. Anh-Ton Tran, OD wanted to offer Montrealers a unique space where eyewear lovers can indulge their obsession. Having spent years in different types of conventional practices, he was looking to combine his eyecare expertise with his passion for design and style… and Voskins speaks volumes about this man’s taste. 

With the vast majority of frames produced by the same manufacturers, including many very well-known fashion brands, he set out to find the most innovative and independent eyewear designers that value quality and craftsmanship. His search led him to workshops such as Hapter, an Italian producer combining high-end textile with surgical steel; Germany-based Lunettes Kollektion, who use traditional materials in funky modern designs; London’s Claire Goldsmith, following in the footstep of her famous great grandfather Oliver Goldsmith with her own exquisite designs; and Leisure Society, an American luxury brand using gold, diamonds and horn.

So no matter how bold or subtle you want to be, Voskins offers a perfectly sophisticated statement worthy of a notable eyewear award.

Visit them online to find out more, or in person at 1338 Notre-Dame West.

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