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Mike Morrison’s life took a complete 180-turn after his tenure at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick. After studying Spanish and education, he decided writing is where his true passions lie, and though he considered it “a Hollywood job,” he kept drawing the same conclusion: he needed to write. When he headed to Calgary, he started blogging, and through months of dedication, Mike’s following started to form.

“I feel like I’m still in school, even though I’m six years out,” says Mike. If that’s the case, then he doesn’t let on in the posts at Mike’s Bloggity Blog, his creative outlet and source for writing freedom. Mike’s blog caught the attention of Metro, and he soon began writing a regular column for the heavily-read publication. But Mike’s interests are varied, and TV production was a natural progression for this outgoing and driven individual.

Last year, Mike co-hosted the Municipal Election coverage on Shaw Television’s election night, when Calgary’s Mayor Nenshi was elected. He credits this experience as a landmark, one that showed him everything was coming together, and he could really find success as a writer and having a hand in television. He can now add Producer at Breakfast Television Calgary to his impressive list of career achievements.

Mike’s love of the written word will always be his primary calling. He looks up to people like Lainey Gossip – whom he met three years ago and whose advice he still follows daily – and Rick Mercer; people who have built careers on their personal thoughts, not censoring their ideas for the masses. He’s lucky: Mike’s colleagues at Metro have given him near-free reign to allow his perspectives to be imbued in his columns, a rarity for any columnist without 20 years experience.

Mike Morrison is a Notable, and to him, notable is “drive and confidence. When those two come together…it’s a trait that carries you for life.”

Mike Morrison

If there was one location that every person must see, what would it be? Why?
The native Maritimer in me wants the entire world to see Cape Breton in the fall. There is absolutely nothing like it. I’d also force everyone watch the sun set on a Hawaiian beach. When you’re there, you’d swear that it’s where the world starts and ends each day. It’s perfection.

You have 3 weeks to vacation, cost is not a factor, where are you going and who are you taking?
The idea of traveling through Europe without being forced to stay in jam-packed hostels is tempting, but I’d have to say South America. I’d make it a goal to see every single country on the continent. It seems like the most unreal place in the world. I’d like to take Jeff Probst and my two grandmothers. Seems like a weird combination, but trust me, it would be amazing.

What is it about you that you feel attracts others to you?
Probably my sense of humour. I really am able to find the “funny” in anything. That’s sometimes comforting to people and makes them open up. If all else fails, I start speaking Spanish, because there is nothing like a guy from New Brunswick speaking Spanish in Alberta to spice up a potentially boring party.

How do you enjoy life? What are some of your life indulgences?
I recently discovered this amazing feature on my phone; it allows to me to actually talk to people. It’s insane. Since then, I’ve been making an effort to call people instead of texting and it’s really made a difference in my life. Connecting with people has made me enjoy life even more; it feels like my relationships are more authentic.

Traveling has always been a huge part of my life. My parents were big travelers and they’ve certainly instilled in me the importance of seeing the world. I’m always happy to indulge on a little bit of an expensive hotel room. You wake up feeling different when you know you spent a little extra money getting that room with an amazing view or, yes, even a great shower.

What do you do to keep active, healthy, and vibrant?
Living in Calgary gives me the really unique opportunity of spending a night on the town one evening and climbing a mountain the next. How can that not keep you feeling young? I’ve lived out west for almost six years and I feel like I’ve barely seen anything. There are so many paths to explore, lakes to swim in, and mountains to climb. Sometimes I go solo, you know, to get perspective. Other times, I love cramming a group of friends in the car and going on road trips. I’m obsessed with making great memories.

When entertaining at your home, what is your one staple item that you must serve, and why?
Selection! We’re grown-ups now, you should always have a sensible selection of drinks for your guests to choose from. A few bottles of wine, a handful of liquors, and a few beer options means you won’t be left with guests settling for something they won’t really enjoy. A happy guest makes for a wonderful evening.

What is one of your favourite lounge/restaurants? Why?
I used to have my standards in Calgary, but in the past few years Calgary’s restaurant scene has exploded and I find myself trying to catch up. West Restaurant’s rooftop patio blows my mind, the creativity at CHARCUT is unheard of, and I’ve been known to drink a few vodka sodas high above the city at SKY 360.

Main article image by Josh Naud.