Grey Goose Notable: Matte Babel

Matte Babel is a well-known Canadian TV personality. Having spent years as a Much Music VJ, he now has the enviable job of being ET Canada‘s Hollywood correspondent and also hosts the new show, Canada Sings.

Matte grew up between Scarborough and Milton in Ontario. This gave him a unique outlook on life, straddling the fence and seeing the world from a city perspective but with small town sensibilities; Scarborough being extremely multi-cultural and Milton being very white-washed at the time. Matte has always been active, he played football and basketball, still does, and he likes the challenge both present. He went to Wilfred Laurier University where he graduated with a double honours in communications and sociology with a business option, laying the foundations for the career he now has.

Matte had started thinking about attending law school – he had even started studying for the LSATs – but he wasn’t sure if going  back to school was what he really wanted. While he was deciding, an opportunity at Much Music arose, and he landed the gig.

Through his already substantive career, Matte has had the chance to sit down and pick the brains of some of the biggest stars. This is one of his favourite parts of reporting: getting to hear the thoughts of celebrities and seeing them in a different light. Matte loves meeting new people and getting to experience the world, so when he moved on to ET Canada, being able to travel more was something incredible for him.

The entertainment world is different than most; it’s unconventional, and fitting in can be a challenge. But Matte has cemented himself at early age, and shows no signs of slowing down in his impressive career.

Matte Babel is a Notable, and to him, notable is “Class. Just having class. The way certain people are able to carry themselves, with manners and dignity.”

If there was one location that every person must see, what would it be? Why?
I’m not sure I can tell you that there is one place in particular that any given person should see, I don’t really have one…choosing would be so arbitrary and particularly difficult for a Libra. I thought Montezuma in Costa Rica was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen, but part of it might have been who I was able to share that experience with.

I found the complexity, layers and history of Russia very intriguing, and would recommended seeing Lenin before he is buried – more for the experience rather than the visual.

Singapore is such an anomaly in comparison to other Asian countries. I was enamored with how well it functioned and how well it was put together. I’m not sure you could draw up a more efficient country on paper.

Walking in Favela in Brazil was so exhilarating: Seeing14 year-old kids with M16s selling cocaine in the open with out a worry in the world because they are the law was crazy. Europe, the West Indies…the list goes on. What I’m really getting at is that are so many amazing places, cultures and things to see around the world that I would encourage people to just travel as much as possible, see all you can for yourself. It’s an amazing way to grow.

Having said that, make sure you see a Ping Pong show in Thailand!

What is your general perspective on life?
My general principal in life is if you’re comfortable, you’re not growing. Comfort breeds complacency, so push yourself. The cleverest minds, those who dare to look outside the box, always receive the stiffest opposition.

What makes the perfect host at a dinner party?
I love dinner parties…and by that I mean attending dinner parties. Throwing them, well, we all know how that goes. Food, great conversation and some wine…I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening. The best dinner parties are when you have a caucus of old friends and each person invites a new face. It’s always good to meet new people, and when meeting someone, guys and girls alike, there is nothing better than the ‘cosign’. I think we would all agree that a great host is warm, accommodating and very giving. It’s not always easy to let a group of people take over your home and make it their own, particularly if there is plastic on the couch…

What’s your favourite restaurant?

What’s your favourite drink?
Fat Sailor

Who do you admire most?
My mom.