Grey Goose Notable: Brahm Mauer

Grey Goose Notable young professionals and entrepreneurs are influential tastemakers who have made it beyond their years and, though their careers are still evolving, are now able to enjoy the success and life they have created. These selected individuals share how they got to where they are today, how they are able to enjoy what they have earned, where they love to travel, how they entertain and how they celebrate all that life has to offer. When it comes to entertaining and celebrating, Montreal’s Brahm Mauer is an expert.

Brahm Mauer is the Owner and Founder of Brahm Mauer Bar Services, Montreal’s premiere bar service provider. Realizing that the city’s event industry was in need of a twist, Brahm Mauer launched into the business in 2009 and has been turning heads ever since. Having been part of the nightlife industry for the past 15 years, Brahm has taken his experience and created a product that is unrivalled in the city of Montreal. In 2010, when Brahm was asked to be a part of the ever so popular Kids 4 Kids event helping to raise money for the Cedars Cancer Institute & the Sarah Cook Fund, he found his calling and proceeded to be involved with as many charities as possible. Brahm and his team are honoured to handle the yearly events for the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Starlight Foundation, McCord Museum, Mazon Canada, and many more. 

If there was one location everyone must see, what would it be?
Being in the event industry, we have seen some truly beautiful locations come to life before our eyes. Being a proud Montrealer, I am biased; let me set it up for you: 

A beautiful summer night at the Montreal Science Center, fireworks going off just over the city, two newlyweds dancing to their very first song… does it get any better than that?

What is your general perspective on life? Advice for fellow young professionals?  
I can honestly say that I try to take advantage of each and every day. Whether you’re working or not, there is always something out there that you can do to better yourself and your business!

Advice for young professionals? Way to put me on the spot! Let me keep it simple: the good stuff is always worth the work it takes and with a little hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. 


Who do you admire most?
I admire anyone that has a dream and is able to make it a reality; even when times are tough, the ones are able to overcome adversity and stay focused on the task at hand.

Why were the early stages of your career worth what you are now able to enjoy?
For most of my life, I have had the pleasure of working in an industry that I absolutely love, and while I do love it, it doesn’t mean for a second that it isn’t hard work. I remember first starting out; we were basically providing our service for free, even loading all of our stock into our own cars. No matter how tough it was, though, we did what we did best and enjoyed every second of it. Like the saying goes, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

What makes the best host at a dinner party?
Someone who goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves while making it as seamless as possible. There is nothing more aggravating than an over-zealous host!

What’s your favourite restaurant?
We are blessed in Montreal to have so many fantastic restaurants to eat at… I definitely can’t choose just one because I have so many favorites, as long as the service is up to par I’m a happy camper. 

What’s your favourite drink?
If anyone tells you they only have ONE favorite drink, send them my way! In all honesty, it depends on my mood: Champagne sangria for that hot sunny day; an 18-year-old scotch for my down time, and a dirty vodka martini. Extra olives, please!

One thing always in your fridge?
Tropicana Orange Juice – No Pulp

Do you cook?
Does take out count? 

How do you stay fit and healthy?
See answer above… 

What is your ideal Sunday?
Being in the event industry, most of the time when everyone else’s workweek is ending, mine is just beginning. If ever for some reason we aren’t doing a wedding on a Sunday night and I do have off, my ideal down time is spending time with my wonderful girlfriend Emilie and Scotch, our extremely energetic Yorkshire terrier.