Grenada is the True Winner of the Olympics

The Summer Olympics have come to an end and the athletes have returned home with their shiny new hardware.

The United States took home the most medals, followed by Great Britain in second place and China in third.


By another measure, Grenada was the biggest winner at the Summer Olympics.

If the medal tally was adjusted according to “population per medal,” the results look a little different.


According to the website Medals Per Capita, if the results were altered by population size, Grenada would take top honours, followed by Bahamas and Jamaica (the result of their success in sprinting events). Grenada’s lone silver medal is shared among a population of just 106,000.


When adjusting according to a country’s GDP – or “medals per $100 billion GDP” – Grenada, Jamaica and Kenya take the top three spots.

At the end of the day, we’re all winners – it just depends on your perspective.

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