Greenpeace Reveals the World’s Greenest Major Tech Companies

Apple has scored a quadruple-A report card from Greenpeace for its commitment to green initiatives. It’s the only major tech company to receive a perfect score, with Facebook a close second, and Google rounding out the top three. 

According to the report, Apple’s “aggressive pursuit to power the iCloud with 100% renewable energy illustrates in very concrete terms that a 100% renewable internet is within its reach.”

Considering the internet will pretty much shape our future, that’s a very substantial statement. 

CEO Tim Cook has played a major role in Apple’s green shift; the company is currently building two solar-powered data centres in Denmark and Ireland, and is committed to environmental projects in the world’s most polluted country, China. 

That’s how you enter and conquer a market on good terms. 

Facebook was lauded for its significant wind energy investment, while Google received praise for being a leader within the sector of the deployment of renewable energy.

Oracle and Amazon, meanwhile, performed abysmally:



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