Greenhouse Juice Co. Set to Open 3 New Toronto Locations This Fall

Six months ago we told you about the cutest store in Toronto.

Well, it seems cute (as in, 350 square feet) just wasn’t enough for one of this city’s most popular cold-pressed juice stores.

So in the next two months you’re going to see Greenhouse Juice Co. showing up all across the GTA – quite literally.

With the original Macpherson cottage location still acting as official HQ, Greenhouse will soon be opening a new storefront at 2553 Yonge St. We’re told that the Briar Hill addition will be full of light woods, offering a small but bright space for customers to pick up and learn about all the bottled goodness.

In fact, perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of the Briar Hill location will be the elimination of a juice bar altogether. In an attempt to reduce any barriers between customers and staff, Greenhouse is doing away with the most obvious impediment. But don’t worry, there will still be surfaces to rest your bottles on between sips.

The third Greenhouse location will be appearing in Commerce Court in the PATH. Situated near the Equinox fitness centre, you can pick up your favourite cold-pressed option while you continue through the downtown rat race. Hey, being busy doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy too.

Of course, all of this expansion wouldn’t be made possible without a proper home base (not to be confused with HQ). Enter the custom-built, 1800-square foot Leslieville location (2 Strange St.). This is where all the pressing magic happens – 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Gutted and lovingly restored on the gorgeous bones of a century-old building, the production facility will soon have a take-away shop built into its façade for easy foot traffic access. If Macpherson is the brain behind Greenhouse Juice Co., then the Leslieville location is surely the beating heart.

Even with four locations to soon choose from, you still don’t have to actually leave your house to get what you want. That’s because Greenhouse has just announced delivery service to the entire downtown core and Mississauga.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ll bring you your reusable bottles in reusable boxes filled with reusable ice packs in customized electric Smart Cars to ensure as little a carbon footprint as possible.

Now that’s what we call green.


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