You’ll Soon Be Able to Pay for Toronto Street Parking With Your Phone

There’s a new consolation for Toronto’s maddening traffic and construction.

Beginning most likely before that annoying construction job on your morning commute finishes, Toronto drivers will soon be able to top up on on-street parking in Toronto without having to make a mad run for their cars (a total buzz kill on first dates and family dinners alike).

Today, Mayor John Tory said that starting this month, customers will be able to pay for on-street parking through the Green P mobile app.

Not only will the updated app allow customers to pay for on-street Green P spots using their smartphones, it will deliver reminders when the time is running out (this is key) so that you can add money remotely from your phone.

As an added bonus, it won’t cost you extra to use the feature on the app.

green p

Previously, the app allowed customers to pay to park at Green P lots, but not at those on-street parking spots where drivers are required to buy a ticket, print it and place it on their dashboard in plain view of the pesky parking police.

The product of five years of research and development, the original app debuted in March 2015. Now, roughly 25 per cent of daily Green P transactions are made through the app.

“This is all about making people’s lives just a bit easier,” Tory told reporters Monday. “The Green P app is an example of how we can modernize the services the city offers and the way the city delivers them.”

The announcement comes just weeks after John Tory said he would crack down on developers who plan to block city streets.

He said the Green P rollout will start this month and is set to be completed by the end of the year.

You’ll know that the feature is available if you see a four-digit location ID on the pay and display machine.

As for finding a spot in the first place, you’re on your own.

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