Green Cross and Giorgio Armani’s ‘Acqua for Life’ Goes Continental

With the launch of the fourth Acqua for Life campaign, Giorgio Armani in partnership with Green Cross International is targeting water-scarce communities in West Africa, Latin America and, for the first time, the South Asian nation of Sri Lanka in 2014 to roll out sustainable drinking water systems that will benefit thousands of people. The movement started in late March and to find out more information the Acqua project background, achievements and how we can all help, we caught up with Sarah Orlando, Canada’s Giorgio Armani Beauty Communications Leader, to get the scoop: 

How did the Acqua For Life project start?
Acqua for Life launched in 2011. In its first three years, it raised funds for the successful implementation of water pumps, wells and rainwater harvesting systems in more than 60 communities and schools in Ghana, Bolivia, Mexico and China, providing access to more than 150 million litres of water per year.

Can you brief us on how the project works?
As an ongoing project to give access to clean water for all men and women around the world, Giorgio Armani works directly with the Green Cross to reach the communities who are unable to easily access clean water on a daily basis. With the donations provided from each specially marked Giorgio Armani product, the Green Cross is able to dispatch aid in the form of sustainable infrastructure (rainwater tanks, wells, pumpsm etc.), which allows for long-term access to clean water for those in need.

What is the greatest achievement so far since the inception?
The Acqua for Life projects developed between 2011 and 2013 have improved the lives of several thousand men, women and children, while helping increase school enrollment. In the Bolivian villages of the Municipality of Charagua, school attendance has increased thanks to the installation of these new water facilities. Large increases, particularly of girls, have been recorded in Ghanaian communities that have benefited from Acqua for Life.

Has Canada raised a lot in the past four years?
Since 2011 Canada has been able to contribute the equivalent of 4 million liters of water every year for the next 10 years.

How can we participate in this?
Regarding consumers, they can help the project by purchasing Acqua for Life packaged bottles of Acqua di Giò and Acqua di Gioia (100ml). By doing so, proceeds allow for 100 liters of water to be donated every year, for 10 years. So the purchase of one bottle (100ml) offers a total of 1000 liters of fresh, clean, accessible water!

Where can Acqua For Life bottles be purchased?
Pharmaprix, Jean-Coutu, Hudson’s Bay, Sears and Holt Renfrew locations across Canada.

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