Great Gift Ideas for the Last Minute Calgary Holiday Shopper

Newsflash: Christmas is in T-3 days.

That’s right, 72 hours ‘til Santa.

Whether it’s a heavy workload or the non-stop rush of holiday parties that have gotten in the way of your holiday shopping, no need to panic.  

Worry, maybe. Panic, not yet.

‘Cause we’re here with a collection of the best last-minute shopping ideas you can still pick up/make before it’s too late.

Talk about a Christmas miracle.

It may look a little superficial but who are we kidding? Everyone loves to get after it during the holidays. So yes, bring booze as a present as something to open up for everyone on Christmas morning. Most of us have the day off and it’s the one time moms won’t judge you harshly for drinking before 10 am.

Use this to your advantage.

Something Sweet
If you have any baking skills then we suggest you get in your kitchen ASAP and don’t come out until you’ve produced triple batches of something delicious. Toffee and fudge always seem to go over well this time of year.

Even if you’re not much of a baker, you still have a few options like Yann Patisserie and the Choklat truffle shop that can help you out in a pinch. 

A Receipt for Something Awesome

Reservations for a dinner date at a new restaurant, concert tickets to an upcoming show, or a receipt for a local event can go a long way and they only take a simple online booking or a credit card number.

Voila, you’re saved.

To clarify, this doesn’t mean cassette tapes; this means making an anthology of music on a CD (another bygone piece of technology) using your favourite iTunes playlist.

Despite being inexpensive, a thoughtful collection of songs can actually be a real heart warmer of a present. And for the extra cheese ball effect, we suggest designing the album cover with whatever pens and markers you can find lying around the house. 

The crappier the cover, the more points you get for going the ‘homemade’ route.

Note: Boyfriends out there who forget to get something for their girlfriends, this little tip might save your relationship during the holidays.

‘Found’ Books

If you’re really digging deep and you just can’t think of what to bring then go home and search the house for a book that you don’t mind parting with. As desperate as this might be, re-gifting a book from your “favourite used book store” (aka your book shelf) is better than showing up empty-handed. 

If someone’s taking a trip, give them your Lonely Planet guide to that destination.

Someone just moved into a new house? A coffee table book should do the trick.

For the book lover in your life, anything OK’d by Oprah will probably go over well.

Homemade Cards
Whatever you scrounge up last-minute, don’t forget a card. While this might seem like a small gesture, a kind note or warm wishes for 2015 can actually go a long way. 

Now get out the pencil crayons, ‘cause it’s time to get creative. 


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