Google’s New Feature Will Write Email Replies for You

For those of us whose over-worked email inbox is in a constant state of neglect (no matter how hard we try to keep up), Google’s latest announcement is probably a welcomed one.

Now, Google has a feature that allows your inbox to write replies to your emails for you, taking the idea of the good old “automated reply” to new heights. It’s called Smart Reply.

The artificially intelligent responses to your email are part of an update to Google’s Inbox app for managing and organizing email. The technology identifies which incoming emails warrant quick responses and then figures out the appropriate wording.

Up to three different choices are offered as a reply before the email is sent.

The new feature is available to all consumers who use the free version of Inbox, along with businesses who pay for Google’s suite of applications designed for work. As you’ll recall, Google introduced Inbox last year as a more sophisticated version of Gmail.

The company expects the new automated reply feature to be particularly useful when users are checking emails on smartphones with smaller, touch-screen keyboards. Now, if they could only have robots to write all of our emails for us in the first place…