Here’s What Canadians Googled the Most in 2016

Given its omnipresence in modern life, Google is a pretty good indicator of what people are interested in.

The search engine recently released its annual ‘Year in Search’, which reveals what Canadians from coast to coast looked up the most in 2016.

year in search

Drake, Penny Oleksiak and Rob Ford topped the list of most searched for Canadians in their respective categories, while Alberta’s well-being topped our economic interests.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump was exhaustively on our minds, his name being the most searched term in news and overall.

Amusingly, Harambe and Ken Bone topped Canadians’ searches for ‘who is?’ while Brexit and Zika had us most curious about ‘what is?’

A full breakdown below:

year in search 2016

Google also released a video recapping the most searched topics around the world, reminding us just how unlucky we’ve been in 2016…

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