Google Says This is How Much Time Canadians Spend Planning Their Trips

As if we didn’t already know how much millennials love to travel, along comes Google with an infograph to tell us even more about our wanderlust.

A break down of travel trends by the popular search engine has detailed exactly how much time we Canadians spend planning our perfect trips – and let’s just say, if our vacations were as lengthy as our searches, the country would probably be an even happier place.

Canadians spent an average of 30 days planning their trips, with six of those dedicated to the booking phase. So in other words, we indulged the best part of a month dreaming up our ideal travel trip; then took a week to finally bite the bullet and hand over our credit card details.

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It’s no surprise that when it comes to travel planning Canadians like to be thorough. Each month 69 per cent of us visited travel sites, spending an average of 43 minutes on them, with over half of those who did so visiting the sites on a mobile device.

Canadians like a good deal, with almost half of us shopping around longer in order to secure value for money on our trip. But we won’t be bamboozled by cheap prices alone – one in two Canadian travellers thought it was important to recognize a brand they were considering purchasing from.

Although a trip based on research and online planning is the backbone to most Canadians travel adventures, we’re not a slave to our devices once we’re on vacation. Search was the second most used resource for choosing travel activities, behind self-exploration when we actually reach our travel destinations.

So if you’re planning a trip in 2016, you better get searching right now – because lord Google knows, Canadians can’t be rushed when it comes to planning their travels.

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