Google Maps Now Tracks and Lets You View Your Entire Location History With Specific Details

Everyone already knows Google follows your every move, so let’s skip the outrage and get right to it: Google Maps’ new ‘Your Timeline’ feature tracks your travel history to let check where you were at any given time since first signing into your Google account.

There are plenty of wholesome advantages to the feature, but the first thing that comes to mind is that this is a great application for drunks. The ability to virtually retrace one’s steps and locate where you might have lost your phone, keys, or dignity the night before is certainly useful.

Of course, it also means that there will never be a sequel to Dude, Where’s My Car?

The Timeline feature also allows you to view specific stops on your journey, how long you were there, and photos you might have taken.

Though Google’s location history feature isn’t necessarily new, Your Timeline displays the data in a much more digestible way. You can stop Google from storing your location history by turning off the “places you go” option in your My Account’s “account history.”

Users on both desktop and Android devices will be gradually granted access to the feature over the coming days and weeks.