Google Just Released Its Canadian ‘Year in Search’ Report for 2015

It appears Canada had a lot to learn this year.

Google just released its annual Year in Search for 2015 for Canada and there was a huge amount of Canadian-specific keywords dominating our searches. And after a huge year in sports, politics, and music, it’s really no surprise.

So what exactly has been on our minds in 2015?


Well, we really wanted to know what a penny black stamp was. Back in May, Google’s doodle, which honoured the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, must have had plenty of Canadians scratching their heads.


We also wanted to know how to vote, which is just as well given our Federal Election in October.

And with the Liberal’s reigning victorious in the polls, it certainly explains why Justin Trudeau topped the list of most googled Canadians (his vogue photoshoot may have helped).

We were asking the kind of questions you might expect from millennials in the most googled ‘How To’s’. Like how to use snapchat, how to get new Emojis. And how the hell do I delete the U2 album (sorry, Bono).


But it wasn’t all me, me, meme.

How to help Syrian refugees was also in the top 10 list for the country.

Blank Space by Taylor Swift was our biggest earworm of the year, followed by Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. But Drake’s Hotline Bling and the Weeknd’s The Hills also made it into the top ten.



And it may have been the Weeknd who cleaned up in Grammy nominations, but for every search for him, there were four for Drizzy, who feuded with Meek Mills, dated Serena Williams, and um, ‘danced’ in his music video this year.

While we did engage in some of the other big events that happened around the world, we’ve been pretty wrapped up in our own affairs this year. Our new Prime Minister, the Federal Election, and the Pan Am Games all made it in the top 5 most searched.

The late CBC personality and designer, Chris Hyndman, was the only Canadian in the celebrity searches, topping the list.

Image: Google

But what we really couldn’t get enough of in 2015 was the Blue Jays, who dominated everywhere (except the ALCS…too soon?). They topped the list of sports teams, their playoff run was the top trending news story, and it was the overall most searched term.

Whether we were still at work sneaking a peak, or we just couldn’t bear to watch those to-the-wire-games, it came second in the “What Is” column, as we furiously checked every score. And while they weren’t the only team to make a playoff in 2015, searches for the Blue Jays outpaced the Raptors by 3:1 in Toronto.