Google is Finally Letting Businesses Use its Inbox App

There’s no question that email is here to stay.

Even if we communicate with our friends and family through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texting and Snapchat – work will continue to rely on email as the designated form of communication. 

But finding an app for your phone that manages your email clutter is no easy feat. 

That’s why most of us rejoiced when Google launched Inbox four months ago – an intuitive email app that organizes your inbox in a way that actually makes sense, rather than just in reverse chronological order.

The only problem – it only works on emails that end in a address. So all your business email accounts could not be synced to it.

That is, until now.

Google finally listened to customer demands and is beginning to roll out the app to various organizations that use Google Apps in the coming months.

Sadly, for now it’s on an invite only basis – meaning you have to hope your company is big enough that Google will send over an invite, but soon enough it should open up to the little guys as well.  

Similar apps like Dropbox’s Mailbox, and Amazon’s WorkMail have also tried to reinvent the way our email inbox works for business, but no one understands how to simplify email quite like Google. 

You hear that, Google? We’re waiting. We’re all waiting. 


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