Goods and Provisions Redefines Pub Fare

As if operating one of the East End’s most notable bars, The Comrade, wasn’t enough, owners Nikki Andriet and Dean Fletcher launched their foray onto Toronto’s culinary scene with the opening of Good and Provisions a little while back to great acclaim.

This saloon-style joint in the heart of Leslieville specializes in refined pub fare dishes meant for sharing, making it a perfect spot for lunch or a casual dinner. The oysters to start were nothing short of exceptional, served with only the essentials – lemon, horseradish and Tabasco. For something a little lighter, and we would recommend the bone marrow and parsley salad, which seemed to be present at almost every other table at the restaurant.

Other favourites amongst our table were the duck fat frites and foie gras terrine plate. We intervened the animal fat party with a plate of wilted greens, comprised of a generous mound of Swiss chard and drizzled with lime and only a few other minimal accents. Then it was right back to where we started. We rounded off the meal with a perfectly-cooked flatiron steak and serving of Korean tacos complete with pork belly, jowls, fresh cilantro and Kimchi.

The 1920s tavern deco – blocky wood tables, taxidermy and vintage photographs lining the walls – along with the burly, bearded bartenders in plaid would suggest that only a rye cocktail would be acceptable here. No complaints from us; the dry Manhattan was the perfect aperitif (if you can all it that) to our meat-heavy dishes while the 9-year Knob Creek provided a great warm chase before venturing out into the cold.

Good and Provisions; 1124 Queen St. E., (647) 340-1738