Golf: Part of the YP Arsenal

We at Notable know there are so many different ways to getting the most out of life. Think of it as the VIP: Very Impressive Portfolio. We talk about the latest restaurants, the hotspots in your city, the charities that are making waves in the philanthropic world, the best events that are perfect for networking…but we haven’t talked enough about one of the key parts of the well-rounded YP life that has done so much for us…golf.

So, in keeping with our mandate to help you get the most out of your professional and social lives, we’ve partnered with our choice club, ClubLink, to bring you this three-part series on why you need to hit the links as often as you can.

Golfing is one of those sports that requires precision and focus, much like your career. But even further to the benefits being out on the fairway allots, golf lends itself to the fully-packed YP lifestyle. For starters, it’s one of – if not the absolute – best sports for networking. A round of golf allows you to spend quality time, and lots of it, with the colleagues, clients, or crew you’re playing with.

For those of you who aren’t a club member – and seriously, if you aren’t, you need to look into it – you’re missing out on some of the best connections you’ll ever have the chance to make. Top CEOs, like-minded and business-oriented young professionals, well-connected tastemakers and the like all congregate on the green to hit a few rounds and connect in a relaxed and low-pressure setting. (When was the last time you met the President of a company you were interested in working for out on the town? Well, there’s a good chance he has membership and spends an hour or two in the club’s lounge after packing in his irons.) And, with company outings becoming more and more a la mode, do you really want to risk being “that guy” or “that gal” who holds up the round at your company golf tournament? Get your game to a high level and you’ll be playing with senior management…let the rookies lag behind.

Joining a club – as opposed to just heading to the course when an urge to drive hits you – also gets you some notable perks and toys (we know you like your perks, so do we). Being a club member is like having the keys to a whole new world of relationships, wining and dining, and travel. (Golf trips to Florida, anyone?) You’re also getting to throw in some much needed physical fitness into your overcrowded and overworked, not-so-physical lifestyle; and for anyone who says otherwise, try walking 18 holes in the beating sun…it’s a work-out and a half.

We could keep going on about the tenets of golf, but all you need to do to see our point is to just ask around. Guaranteed you’ll know someone who wouldn’t consider it “living” without their membership. (We wouldn’t.) A life without golf is like a life without a smartphone. Seriously, get on the green a couple times and tell us otherwise. You wouldn’t be able to survive with a KRZR, how are you making it through without golf? And, if you are, we certainly commend you. See you on the green?

ClubLink is arguably one of the world’s front-runners when it comes to the league of top golf clubs. It has a network of 42 clubs to choose from in Eastern and Southern Ontario, Quebec and Central Florida. Even more notable than this is ClubLink’s relationship with ClubCorp that nets Signature Gold Golf or Unlimited members the chance to golf at over 230 different ClubCorp clubs across the world. (Ah, the benefits of reciprocal playing privileges.) The ClubLink system’s network aside, a membership at any of the luxurious ClubLink clubs comes with member benefits, some of the best greens in Canada (and the world via their partner clubs), and one of the greatest spots to build inspiring lifelong relationships.

Image of Glencairn Golf Club just West of the GTA.