Golf: Part of the YP Arsenal, Part III

Over the past couple weeks, we talked about why golfing is such an integral part of the YP arsenal, and why being a member at a club has so many more benefits than being an occasional player. This week, we’re going to talk to you about quite possibly one of the most valuable assets being a member brings to your personal and professional lives: Appearance, or rather, what being a golf club member says about you. That’s right, think of it as your last look at the keys to the VIP. So, we’ve partnered with our favourite club network, ClubLink, to bring you the DL on what you need to know…

Any golf club member can talk at length about membership benefits from a club. (PS There’s lots, so it’s no wonder.) But there’s real benefit to being associated full-stop to one. For starters, it shows commitment. This is a strong characteristic to exude whether it be while shaking hands at the close of another successful deal or having that tenth date with a special so-and-so. Relationships and bonds are what drive (like the pun?) the business world, and when you can drop into that intro/small-talk portion of a business meeting that you’ve been hitting the greens lately at Glencairn, you’re really saying so much more than you’re improving your handicap.

Being a club member also shows a heightened level of engagement. We know it’s imperative to be fully involved and dedicated in our careers, but the same goes for our social lives. You can’t evolve or become a pro at anything without fully immersing yourself in it, and by showing you have dedication to something in your social life, you’ll be showing you know how to engage in your professional one as well. The proof is in the putting.

While you don’t have to be the most successful or richest YP out there to impress potential clients, being a golf club member does help you exude a level of status. Because it’s “technically” not mandatory for your life to have a membership – though we’re talking with the HOC to get that to be a ruling! – having one helps display affluence, which in turn shows a level of success, and the domino theory keeps on going. As we keep saying, it’s part of the fully-loaded YP arsenal, so why would you go through the grind without having some tricks up your sleeve? Being a club member might very well be the closer to that deal you’ve been working on, in and out of the boardroom. We’ll see you at the next inter-club tournament, right?

ClubLink is arguably one of the world’s front-runners when it comes to the league of top golf clubs. It has a network of 42 clubs to choose from in Eastern and Southern Ontario, Quebec and Central Florida. Even more notable than this is ClubLink’s relationship with ClubCorp that nets Signature Gold Golf or Unlimited members the chance to golf at over 230 different ClubCorp clubs across the world. (Ah, the benefits of reciprocal playing privileges.) The ClubLink system’s network aside, a membership at any of the luxurious ClubLink clubs comes with member benefits, some of the best greens in Canada (and the world via their partner clubs), and one of the greatest spots to build inspiring lifelong relationships.

Image of Le Maitre de Mont-Tremblant course.