Golf: Part of the YP Arsenal, Part II

We started talking last week about golf, or rather, why you need to hit the greens. It’s more than just picking up an iron and driving balls down the fairway. Golf is a way of life, it’s a part of the successfully well-rounded young professional arsenal. But just like getting the most of out of your favoured social network requires dedication and attention, getting the most out of what golf can bring to your personal and professional life requires more than the occasional drive to the green. So, to help you better understand why you need to make golf, and more specifically, why you need to make the most of being a member at a club, we’ve partnered with our choice club network, ClubLink, to bring you all the info you need.

Being a member at a club brings with it much more than the chance play a round at your leisure. And no, we’re not just talking perks (though we’ll get to those in a minute). Being a member is like an access card to an exclusive world of networking and professional camaraderie, going beyond the bounds of the boardroom to the green of the fairway. Think about it: you have clients, bosses, and colleagues to impress. What you can gain from taking a prospect to a golf club instead of out to lunch is more valuable than an impressive meal. You get unprecedented access to building a strong business relationship, further than small-talk and quick chats can net you. If you’re a club member, bringing a guest to the links gets you quality time spent in an atmosphere of calm activity. Can you say that about a business lunch at the hottest, and by extension, likely noisiest restaurant in the city?

And this doesn’t just go for when your clients are in town or you want to head out for a few hours with your boss, looking for that next promotion. When you’re away for a conference or for a vacation, having a membership with a network as vast as one like ClubLink’s means you can pretty much take a guest to the green whenever you see fit. This is perfect for the traveling businessperson, giving you a sense of “home field” advantage pretty much wherever you may be in the world. You also get access to inter- and intra-club leagues and competitions, pro-ams, and special events, meaning you’ll get to rub elbows with some of the finest members across a club’s networks.

And yes, there are perks, and lots of them. Professionally-trained instructors can help bring up your game so you leave the rookies behind and drive with the best of them. You get preferred tee times at your home club, so your game revolves around your schedule, not the other way round. You get discounts for corporate functions, banquets, meeting rooms, weddings and the list goes on. Memberships often come with organized trips and special offers at partner resorts and travel companies. A club membership is like the keys to the VIP – now that’s notable.

An investment in a golf membership is an investment in your personal and professional self. And with everything being a member can bring you, do you really need to weigh the pros and cons? We didn’t think so. Catch you on the fairway…

ClubLink is arguably one of the world’s front-runners when it comes to the league of top golf clubs. It has a network of 42 clubs to choose from in Eastern and Southern Ontario, Quebec and Central Florida. Even more notable than this is ClubLink’s relationship with ClubCorp that nets Signature Gold Golf or Unlimited members the chance to golf at over 230 different ClubCorp clubs across the world. (Ah, the benefits of reciprocal playing privileges.) The ClubLink system’s network aside, a membership at any of the luxurious ClubLink clubs comes with member benefits, some of the best greens in Canada (and the world via their partner clubs), and one of the greatest spots to build inspiring lifelong relationships.

Image of Caledon Woods Golf Club just West of the GTA.