Going to the Drive In is Cool Again

Going to the movie theatre has lost its magic in recent years. Tickets are insanely overpriced, the whole process of getting a popcorn and drink at the bigger theatres is worse than waiting in festival bathroom line-ups, and 90 per cent of movies screened are totally boring or disappointing (look at the recent Rotten Tomatoes page if you’re not convinced).

It’s no a wonder that many of us have resorted to getting our entertainment via HBO and Showtime at home, but in the summer months there’s also a cool substitute. It involves catching a little cinema that’s better than the movie theatre and a welcome alternative from your couch, so PVR those Game of Thrones and True Blood episodes and save them for when the weather starts to turn. 

There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about drive-ins, and for the month of August you can take advantage of this novel cinematic experience every Wednesday night. The Deerfoot Mall has decided to make optimal use of their parking lot by offering a classic selection of films that are completely free of charge to view – so make sure to keep hump day clear.  

Starting today (August 6th), you can catch the very first installment of JAWS with a soundtrack that still delivers goosebumps close to 40 years after it was made.

The following week, the drive-in is screening the incredibly awesome Ghostbusters that stars a much younger Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, who do serious battle against the ghost world of New York circa 1984. You really can’t go wrong watching anything that stars Bill Murray, and the now dated special effects are highly entertaining. 

This month you’ll also be able to catch Toy Story and Back To The Future. Check out the Deerfoot Mall website for all the details. All movies will start at roughly 9:30pm (depending sunset), but plan to be there earlier to ensure you get decent seats. 


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