Going to Restaurant CHO? Here’s what you should eat.

Still wondering where St.Henri’s favorite brunch spot disappeared to? We’re of course talking about Cafe Mariani at 4450 Notre Dame. Surely, after an all-nighter you’ve slid your sleepy and hungry self over for a plateful of fatty and delicious goodness before. Well friends, if you’re in the ‘know’ you would of heard that’s old news now (but will always hold a dear place in our hearts). What’s freshest on the block now? Restaurant CHO, run by a superb group of fun restaurant veterans and entrepreneurs that’s known to turn into quite the hangout after dinner hours. Architectural Designer Leslie Katz, updated the eclectic original features of the space to create a trendier, more comfortable atmosphere for Cho, in harmony with the kitchen’s offerings. The result is a dynamic restaurant that distinguishes itself as one of Montreal’s most exciting new eateries and appeals to a discerning and fun crowd.

But that’s not what we want to focus on here. If you haven’t made your over by now to check what all the fuss is about (and there actually is quite a lot of fuss – the good kind, naturally) you’d better do so this week.

 For those of you who don’t speak Japanese, CHO translates into butterfly, and thus symbolizes rebirth and joy. And it’s clear that the restaurant’s atmosphere was created to represent both of these ideas to their fullest extent by building something new with an irresistible charm.

Now to the foodie stuff. CHO created an easy to share, tapas style menu that is seriously so damn good, we became record breaking human garborators and pretty much tried everything on the menu.

Before we break out our favourites, however, know that their Executive Chef Travis Yee was trained in French cuisine so his dishes tend to be Asian fusion with a French technique, making the menu an interesting selection of urban street fare with a serious twist. For now it’s dinner service Tuesday to Saturday 5pm until 11pm (they do make exceptions for really late night eats if you’re extra nice) and brunches will be popping up next week with a special collaboration on board…revealed very soon.

 So without further babble, here are visuals of our top plates. Better get your bib ready, these are some drool worthy dishes…

Quinoa Bimbibap with shiitake mushrooms, kimchi, carrots, green onions and a sunny side up egg – for the meat eaters you can add a short rib in there!

Bruschetta with coriander and wonton chips, so fresh and yummy!

Two delish bao buns made exclusively on premise stuffed with panko crusted fried tofu and spicy mayo

Salmon and Tuna tartar duo served with those addictive wonton chips

Cho Drums aka no diet here…but who cares right?

Obviously a gyoza is needed, in this case it’s chicken with a ponzu dipping sauce and edamame with torragashi

We died and went to sugar heaven. Chocolate fudge tart, cream cheese oreo cream with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies…strawberries…drool..droool..droooooooooool.


For more details on Cho visit them here and get ready to feast.


All photos by: Karolina Jez