Going on a First Date in Your 20s vs. in Your 30s

If you’re playing the dating game, it can be pretty different depending on the decade you’re currently calling home. So we thought we’d break down some realities and expectations of a first date for you just in case you ever find yourself sitting across the table from someone living 10 years ahead or behind. 

The ahead or behind depending on your perspective, of course…

Getting Drunk

20s: Mandatory.        
30s: You’re probably an alcoholic. 


20s: It is what it is. Why lie?               
30s: This is more closely guarded than your PIN. 


20s: It’s in your wallet – obviously.
30s: You’d be happy with a kiss on the cheek and no one yelling at you. 

Ordering Wine

20s: You have no idea.
30s: You have no idea. But you think you do. 

The Bill

20s: You don’t actually want to win this battle.
30s: You have had serious discussions with many people about the positive ramifications going Dutch on the first date can have for ensuring equality and mutual respect in future relationships.

Musical Conversations

20s: You remember when One Direction got together.
30s: You remember when Kurt Cobain died. 

How You Met Online

20s: Tinder. 
30s: Match.com, OkCupid, eHarmony, PlentyofFish, JDate, Lavalife, Tinder, Grinder, MSN Messenger.

How You Met in Real Life 

20s: You thought the other one was hot and it made sense to you to ask them out.
30s: Match.com, OkCupid, eHarmony, PlentyofFish, JDate, Lavalife, Tinder, Grinder, MSN Messenger.

You’d Bring Them Back to Your…

20s: Parents’ basement.
30s: One bedroom + den that you pay $1750 a month for despite the fact that your view is directly into another person’s apartment, and even though the gym is one floor below you, you’ve never actually seen it.  


20s: Flip-flops are acceptable footwear.
30s: You picked it out weeks ago and avoiding wearing it so as to not have to wash it again. 


20s: It’s on the table. And you’re probably going to ‘check in’, update your Facebook profile, scroll through Instagram, reply to a few texts, and maybe even take a call. 
30s: If you take it out during this date it better be for an emergency. 

Children and Marriage

20s: You are the child; your parents are, or were, married.
30s: It’s important to know where people stand. The biological clock waits for no one.

What You’re Looking For

20s: The possibility of getting laid.
30s: The possibility of life-long companionship. 


20s: There really still are a lot of fish in the sea.
30s: It’s not settling if you don’t call it settling. 

If It’s a Bust 

20s: You’re going to go get drunk with your friends.
30s: At least you’ll be home in time for the Bachelor.


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