Going Green in Calgary

Riva’s – 1237 9 Avenue Southeast
Drawing customers from green wannabes to green devotees, Riva’s is the go-to eco store in Calgary. Whether you need advice on eco-conscious renovations, are looking for environmentally-friendly designers, or good-for-you skincare, Riva’s staff will point you in the right direction. Their products are well-researched, curated and reputable so you can feel good about your environmental footprint. Look good. Live right. Be well. Riva’s is located in historic Inglewood.

Green Drinks
If you’re new to the growing green-minded living sect, connect with individuals that attend Green Drinks Calgary. A national organization, they meet up on the third Tuesday of every month and all attendees are asked to follow the Green Drinks Code. Most attendees work in or are interested in environmental matters and attend Green Drinks to grow their network and socialize while talking about environmental matters they are passionate about.

Green Calgary
Green Calgary is an urban environmental organization with an aim to arm Calgarians with resources and actions to create healthy homes and communities. Connect with local businesses, volunteer at a school in your community to teach kids to recycle, or learn how to live a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle in your home. Champion the green movement at your workplace and invite a representative to host a lunch & learn at your office about ‘Waste at Work’. Colleagues are educated about steps to reduce their environmental footprint. Does everyone really have to print that 10-page email?