GoFundMe Campaign in Support of Humboldt Broncos Passes $10 Million

As the days since a tragic bus crash claimed 16 lives in Humboldt, Saskatchewan pass, Canadians are responding with an outpouring of support.

And so is the entire world.

On April 6th, Humboldt resident Sylvie Kellington set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the players and families affected. It was created on the same day as the collision between a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos Junior hockey team and oversize tractor-trailer.

“There are no words that could express the incredible support the hockey community has seen here,” wrote Kellington in an update on Monday. “Almost 60,000 people from almost 60 countries around the world have heard our story and were moved to help.”

As of yesterday, more than 120,000 people had contributed over $10 million USD to helping those who’ve incurred expenses through the tragedy. As of writing, the number of contributors stands at 121,396 people with $10,330,943 raised. The original goal was to raise $4 million.

The campaign is currently the third biggest organized through the fundraising website.

Along with donations pouring in by the minute, messages and photos of support from Venezuela to Australia are being posted in the group. The page has been shared by more than 260,000 people on Facebook.

Other initiatives of support include yesterday’s “Jersey Day” and WestJet offering help to Broncos hockey family members who need assistance getting to Saskatoon by plane.

“Thank you so much to everyone for your generosity and words of love and support. I will be passing everything on to team management,” writes Kellington in the campaign description. “I’m grateful the world came together to show it cares and am so thankful for the GoFundMe platform and team – just amazing.”