Go Glamping in Young Professional Style

There is a new trend upon us that is sure to stick around for summers to come: Glamping! If you are a fan of the great outdoors but not of its creepy creatures or bumpy sleeping surfaces, then glamorous camping, or glamping, may just be for you. We all love to escape the stresses of our lives as young professionals, but we also love our sleep, hygiene, and nice meals. Here are a few ways you can transform your usual rugged camping experience into a more luxurious glamping getaway.

Forget the tent
One popular way to indulge in the glamping trend is to ditch the tiny tent and rent a spot with an established shelter, like a traditional yurt, tipi, or platform tent. Such accommodations are much bigger, hardier, and better stocked than your usual tent (often with kitchens and real beds!). For many people, the best part of renting these furnished accommodations is that you don’t have to put it up! In a yurt, tipi, or platform tent you still get that adventurous or romantic vibe of sleeping outdoors, but can sleep soundly without the worry of waking up covered in rain, bites, or the most annoying: the collapsed tent. For examples, check out yurt rentals on GlampingHub.com, such as these in beautiful Whistler BC.

Also, check out the luxurious “Tent and Breakfast” accommodations in Ontario’s Algonquin park.

Create your own
If tenting in the backcountry is your preferred method of outdoor vacationing, there are still ways of turning your weekend away into a glamorous retreat. High-end camping has become so popular that it is now very easy to find products made just for glamping, at your usual camping supply spots. From king-sized cots and blow-up couches, designer campsite décor and dishware, to solar powered showers and portable toilets in privacy tents, stores like Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart are jumping on board the glamping bandwagon. Check out some of the notable products we love:

The durable, steel martini glasses.
The Broadstone camping kitchen.
The 100% silk sleeping sack.

Don’t forget the food
It seems that high fat, high salt, and high sugar foods just go hand-in-hand with camping. What’s a campfire without hot dogs, right? But a weekend of consuming such things can lead to a very sluggish Monday back at the office. The whole point of retreating to nature is to recharge and energize, so make your glamping experience glamorous for your health as well. Ditch the typical convenient, processed stuff and prep some healthy, luxurious foods ahead of time. For snacking, opt for organic fruits and veggies, cut up and ready to eat. Stock your cooler with some creamy Greek yogurt dips, spicy homemade salsa, artisan cheeses, crisp Prosecco, and some exotic import beers. And you can certainly still do your cooking on a stick, but instead try out marinated chicken kebobs with sweet peppers, mushrooms, and baby onions. For that after-dinner favourite, you know what we’re talking about (s’mores), treat yourself to some rich Belgian dark chocolate, naturally low-fat graham crackers, and some good old-fashioned marshmallows.

Glamping, in its many forms, has become a popular choice for the discerning young professional. Spending time with Mother Nature is one of the best ways to decompress after a busy workweek. It just takes a little work ahead of time to ensure you have as comfortable, safe, and glamorous time as possible. So get outdoors and enjoy this wonderful weather…while we have it!

Photo courtesy Bartlett Lodge, Algonquin Park