Global Calgary Reporter Debuts Disastrous Artichoke Dip On Air, Almost Kills Colleagues

Oh, boy. This here is how not to showcase your cooking skills.

Last week, Global Calgary reporter Leslie Horton wanted to share what should have been a pretty straightforward appetizer with her colleagues.

On air, of course.

But this wasn’t the deliciously creamy artichoke dip she’d envisioned. Not even close. And it didn’t even take a taste to know there was something wrong with it – “I thought it smelled like a barn” quips one of her colleagues before the other two dive in.

“I didn’t have a lemon so I just cut up an orange and put that in there,” reveals Horton with half of her team already past the point of no return. Scott on the left is in turmoil beyond words.

May better luck bless all your kitchens this holiday season.

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