Girls Scouts Rejects $100k From Anti-Transgender Donor, Receives $250k Through Crowdfunding

Remember Girl Scouts? Well, they’re still doing great things.

Earlier this year, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington received a $100,000 donation from a private donor, which represents about a quarter of the chapter’s annual financial aid program. Shortly after, Girl Scouts returned the money after the donor demanded the money can’t benefit transgender girls.

That’s when #ForEVERYGirl was born.

Behind the belief that EVERY girl deserves the opportunity to participate in life-changing experiences, Girl Scouts launched a crowdfunding campaign to earn back the $100,000 they chose to forfeit.

In just three days, 6,000 donors have pledged almost $300,000.

That amount will benefit over 1,000 girls, and there are still 28 days left; each additional $50,000 we raise will support 250 more girls.