Girls is Streaming Free on YouTube Right Now

Yes, that Girls. HBO’s Girls. Season 3, episode’s 1 and 2. Seriously, they’re right here. In some weird move of PR wizardry, HBO is letting the first two episodes stream for free online. We’re pretty sure they have a plan (first one’s always free, right?) but we were too busy watching Hannah and Co. suffer through their upper-middle class existence to care.

No spoilers here. No breakdown. Just know that the timeline has shifted forward a little. The ladies are a lot less likeable (yes, it is possible) but also a hell of a lot funnier than before. There’s rehab, fake pregnancy, lost love, and the line ‘you’re going to kill your kid, you’re going to give it spoiled formula’. And that’s all within the first 10 minutes. So, ya, Girls is kicking off its third season with some serious smack talk. Settle in. 


Cover image from: Zimbio

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