Girlfriend Impersonates Boyfriend to Turn Down 50k a Year Scholarship So He Wouldn’t Leave

Here’s a strange one.

According to the Montreal Gazette, a McGill University music student, Jennifer Lee, impersonated her boyfriend to turn down a scholarship he was offered in Los Angeles so that he wouldn’t leave.

The condensed story goes like this: Eric Abramovitz, also a music student at McGill and one of the top clarinetists in Canada, applied for a two-year scholarship at the Colburn Conservatory of Music in L.A. There, he would study under the guidance of world-class clarinet teacher Yehuda Gilad. The opportunity was worth $50,000 a year.

Abramovitz was chosen for the scholarship – except he never got the memo. Instead, his girlfriend intercepted the email (the couple had an open policy with passwords) and deleted it. She then pretended to be him and wrote an email to the school rejecting the offer out of fear that him leaving would end the relationship.

It wasn’t until months later, and the couple had broken up, that Abramovitz learned of the misdeed. At an audition before Gilad, the famed music teacher had asked the student why he rejected him. Some back and forth during the period that followed lead to the mystery being solved – and a lawsuit.

Abramovitz sued for $300,000 in general damages, including for loss of reputation, loss of educational opportunity and loss of two years of income potential. Unsurprisingly, he won. Earlier this week, Ontario Superior Court judge David L. Corbett ruled in the plaintiff’s favour and even added another $50,000 to the suit.

“I grant default judgment and substantial damages against Ms Lee for her despicable interference in Mr. Abramovitz’s career,” wrote the judge in his case citation.

Gilad also testified in the case. “I am very frustrated that a highly talented musician like Eric was the victim of such an unthinkable, immoral act that delayed his progress and advancement as an up-and-coming young musician and delayed his embarking on a most promising career,” Gilad wrote.

Lee, meanwhile, has essentially disappeared and was noted in default in court.

This is not how love is supposed to work.