Get Your Ticket to the Quebec Notable Awards After Party


Sorry to yell, but we’re just so excited.

600 of the most important young professionals in Quebec getting together in the same place tends to do that to us.

That’s right, in just two weeks the Quebec Notable Awards will be taking over the city with the biggest party since the ’93 Canadiens claimed the cup. 

Seriously – if they’re young, professional, and talented, they’re going to be in attendance. 

And you should be too. 

So if you want to mix, mingle, schmooze, and celebrate at the Centre des Sciences (2 Rue de la Commune Ouest) on Wednesday, November 26th at 9:30pm at the party of the year, we suggest you apply below*. 

Oh, and start picking your outfit right now.

*Application for Notable Awards After Party does not guarantee admittance. Only those receiving a confirmation email from Notable will be on the list and granted entrance.