Get Your Pastry Fix at Patrice Patissier

You dont have to be a St.Henri local to have heard by now that Patrice Patissier (2360 Notre Dame West), a notable pastry shop, wine bar and a culinary school, has been opened by renowned pastry chef Patrice Demers.

Having been a pastry chef in many restaurants before, like Les Chèvres, Laloux and Les 400 Coups, Patrice was dreaming about opening his own place that reflected what he likes when he travels to discover new restaurants and pastry shops around the world. His creations showcase his taste for seasonal fruits, not-to-sweet desserts and for acidity that brings balance to his creations (he’s a true perfectionist). Did you know he has also published three books? Pretty notable. 

Patrice Patissier is a unique and gorgeous, intimate space located in the St.Henri neighbourhood near the Atwater market. The goal was to put together the passion Patrice has for good food and wine in a great location with a modern feel. Jean-Pierre Viau did the design of the store to express the contemporary view on a pastry shop and executed the vibe perfectly. 

You can stop at Patrice Patissier to have a coffee and pastry for breakfast, tea and dessert in the afternoon, appetizers and wine at night, or just to grab some ridiculously delicious sweets to bring home. When you pop in make sure you say hello to Marie-Josée Beaudoin, the lovely manager and sommelier – she will take care of you in the best way!

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Cover Photo by: Photo: Mickaël A. Bandassak

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