Get Your Game Face On

It’s all in the details, gents.

It’s Monday morning and time to dominate the workweek. Thursday afternoon and you’re letting loose. Saturday evening and the night is yours to live it up.

Whatever the case, for young professional guys with an eye for style, everything must be intentional. Yes, this includes your choice to rock a full beard, three-day stubble, or go smooth with a clean shave.

Thankfully, Gillette, the best a man – and women who like groomed men – can get, has a new razor worth upgrading to. It’s called the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology. Adding FlexBall™ Technology to Fusion ProGlide’s handle means it moves like no other razor before to get virtually every hair. The razor’s cartridge head doesn’t just move up and down on your face, it also moves 24 degrees to the left and right so it helps you not miss hairs. This takes shaving in a whole other direction – literally. And this is coming from a man who’s been rocking contoured facial hair for over eight years.

I’ve been happily using the Fusion system for a while now, but after trying Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology I’m even happier. One of the features I personally use the most is the precision trimmer, a single blade on the back of the cartridge that gets in those tough to reach places and can define a sculpted style’s sharp lines and edges. After all, there’s a fine line between fine lines, and this feature knows how to cut it.  

I’m not writing this to say that a razor will change your life, but the right razor will definitely make your morning, night, or even mid-afternoon.

Here’s to moving like no other, gentlemen.

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