Get Them While They’re Hot: The 17 Jobs of the Future


Just Over Broke?

Not if you intend on starting a career in one of these occupations of the future.

Whether you’ve heard of them or not, here are 17 jobs that will soon be in demand more than ever…

1. Health Care Worker
With the aging Baby Boomer population, healthcare workers like doctors, nurses, personal care and home health aides, physical therapists, and pharmacists will become even more in demand. Because robots can’t replace the real thing…yet.

2. Telesurgeon
As remote surgery does becomes more commonplace, we’ll see a demand for telesugeons. As you might have seen on TV by now, telesugury enables surgeons to operate on patients remotely (often on patients in far-off locations) via robotic arms, a sensory system, and a master controller. Be prepared for a hefty tuition tab – you’ll not only need a med school degree, but also a background in robotic technology.

3. Personal Brand Manager
With social media and the rise of entrepreneurship, there’s more importance on building and maintaining one’s personal brand than ever before (isn’t everyone their own brand these days?). That’s why there’s a growing market if you’re looking for a career as a personal brand manager.

4. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
In a time where the corporate world offers a dwindling sense of security, issues of workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and productivity remain front and centre. As we dive further into the study workplace behavior, the demand for industrial-organizational psychologists – business-focused psychologists – will surely increase.

5. Garbage Designer
According to Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan’s Inspired Minds initiative, a new form of recycling will gain popularity in the coming decades. “Upcycling” involves turning waste into better quality products thanks to the work of garbage designers. We can also expect to see waste materials used to create renewable energy sources.

6. International Lawyer
As our world gets smaller and smaller, with country borders no longer barriers to business, there will be an accompanying need for international lawyers to navigate international law, workplace ethics, tax codes, and environmental regulations.

7. Financial Analyst
Those of us who started our careers in the middle or wake of the recession know more than anyone that fluctuating economic times call for sound financial advice and strategy. This is true for both businesses and individuals – especially the ever growing entrepreneurial set who lack benefits. That’s why financial analysts and planners won’t disappear anytime soon.

8. Software Systems Developer
With our lives ever-so-connected and computerized, it’s not surprising a growing number of graduates will opt for a career as a software systems developer. This techy type develops or modifies software systems that increasingly control everything in our lives – from phones and coffee makers, to network routers and switches.

9. Urban Agriculturist
When it comes to food, it’s all about local these days. With both rising fuel costs and the environmental impact of shipping foods thousands of kilometres, we’ve seen an increase in urban farming. Before too long, you won’t have to live in the country to call yourself a farmer, as careers open up in urban agriculture that include urban agriculture architects, agronomists, educators, and supply chain experts.

10. Alternative Energy Professional
As the world population continues to grow faster than existing infrastructure, we will have no choice but to make better use of the planet’s resources. That’s why dozens of new careers will open in wind power, geothermal power, and solar power, in everything from research, science, and engineering, to sales and marketing.

11. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
With competition greater than ever and the demand for accountability and transparency at an all-time high, marketing will remain as important as accounting for businesses. With a rapidly changing market, companies will increasingly rely on the insights of market research analysts.

12. Veterinarian
From designer clothes to doggie daycare, our pets are increasingly treated like people – and medical care is no exception. That’s why we won’t see the demand for quality veterinarians dwindle anytime soon.

13. Nano-Medic
Nanomedicine is set to dramatically transform medical science. By simple definition, it’s the medical application of nanotechnology (the engineering of tiny machines). It involves the science and technology of diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease and traumatic injury using molecular tools and knowledge. And yes, it sounds confusing to us as well.

14. Software Application Developers
The growing demand for software application developers will be met by a generation who was practically born with a cell phone in hand. To accommodate our love for gadgets, developers will be needed to develop software for computers, phones, tablets, and Smart TVs. Because these days, there’s an app for everything. And if there isn’t, someone’s already working on it.

15. Organ Manufacturer
As our population continues to age, the need for organs is only going to increase. Fear not; scientists are growing and even 3D-printing human organs and body parts – from ears to kidneys – in the lab as we speak. In the not so distant future, organs could be created by doctors to practice on before performing surgery on the actual thing.

16. Genetic and IVF Professionals
With young professionals increasingly waiting until later in life to procreate, the need for assisted reproduction and fertility specialists will inevitably rise. And don’t get us started on the growing culture of “designer babies,” where an increasing number of parents turn to professionals with design requirements when it comes to their offspring.

17. Entrepreneur
As the safety net offered by the corporate world becomes increasingly more obsolete and the resources available for startups continues to grow, more people than ever will take matters into their own hands and opt for an entrepreneurial path.


Cover image from: SUITS

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