Get on the Elevator and Boost Alberta Business

The Elevator
May 28th will be an evening for networkers, ideas people and enterprising young professionals to enjoy. Alberta BoostR is throwing a party at the Libertine and everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to hear pitches from the best and the brightest of small businesses.

What is Alberta BoostR?
This is a platform that helps Albertan entrepreneurs tell their story while raising capital. Instead of having to work through banks for loans and accruing huge interest, this form of crowdfunding allows companies and individuals to meet their goals in an untraditional style while also raising awareness and involving the community. Maybe a small company needs new signage, a delivery vehicle or a new website; whatever the need, the company will post information on what’s required to take it to the next level and their financial target.

What’s A Booster?
A Booster is anyone who wants to help out the cause of a new company or owner by contributing dollars towards their project. In return, they receive thanks in the form of a company product, service or experience. The rewards could be clothing from an up-and-coming boutique or a day spent hitting the best biking trails in K-country with the owner of a new bike shop. Whatever the reward, you’re not only going to feel good about supporting a local venture, you’re also going to get a cool kick back.

What happens at the Elevator?
From May 20th to 27th local businesses will be running campaigns on Alberta BoostR and the top five campaigns will be invited to participate in the Elevator. On top of that, the campaign with the best social media buzz will be awarded $2000 to put towards their project. 

On May 28th, everyone shows up at 5pm and $10 covers your admission, a beverage and 20 Alberta BoostR dollars. You’ll get to learn about new projects and opportunities in the province, make new contacts, and take advantage of The Common’s very cool Mad Men Instagram booth and the Small Biz Confessional with industry guru Lesley Anne Scorgie. The confessional is geared towards small business owners who are welcome to ask any questions about entrepreneurship, running a business, finance, marketing, and being a leader. Scorgie is one smart cookie and has written “Well Heeled: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting Rich” and appeared on Oprah to talk about her own experience as an entrepreneur. 

At 6pm the pitches begin and for the next hour you’ll hear about all sorts of cool new ideas happening out there in the business world of Alberta. After the presentations you can use your 20 Alberta BoostR dollars to put towards your favourite pitch and the winner will be awarded an extra $2000.   

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